The Offshore Development Center (also refered to as ODC) is now a popular business model to lower operating expenses and productivity levels by leveraging talent offshore. At Lead Soc, an offshore services and development company from India, we excel in delivering services to a wide range of businesses using the Offshore Development Center model.

An Offshore Development Center is a remote counterpart to in-house IT personnel. Imagine it as a virtual department, a dedicated team of software developers situated beyond the doors of your business, though never out of touch. Engaging an offshore software development company allows you to better focus on your core value competencies and dramatically increase your agility while embracing the expertise of our offshore development team.

The Offshore Development Center model is proven as a highly effective tool that gives you greater visibility and predictability throughout your development process with no administrative headaches.

We can provide you with a multitude of services which enable us to customize search or staffing solutions for your individual needs. We provide Temporary and Contract Staffing Services for your peak load needs especially focussed for the Semiconductor Industry.

Contract Staffing:

Our efficient and effective networking and database , allows us to supply our client companies with top-notch professionals for a specific length of time or for a specific project and relieving our client from all the administrative paperwork including taxes and workers' compensation, payroll processing, unemployment liabilities, etc.

Temporary Staffing:

For short-term, long-term, and/or specific project needs. Temporary help is used across a broad range of skills and occupations to substitute for employees on leave, on vacation, in emergencies, or to provide supplemental support where there are temporary skill shortages, or to lend technical expertise to specific projects or for all peak load needs.

Our core competency is in building client dedicated "Extended Teams" that consistently deliver quality services and in due course become seamless extension of the client. Through the Extended Team Model (ETM) of engagement, we would help our clients achieve clear competitive advantage beyond traditional cost efficiencies.

In this model, we build a team for you to your specifications and with your active participation. We take complete responsibility for project management and delivery and ensure that we meet your quality standards and timescales.

Our approach to the ETM of engagement is as follows:

Creating an offshore roadmap

  • Assign Program Manager (de-facto CEO of the account)
  • Define roadmap and team required to execute
  • Evolve "Client Driven Process" to guide the engagement
  • Establish escalation chain, risk mitigation strategy etc.

Building "Extended Teams"

  • Dedicated to the client; built to the client's specification and with the client's participation
  • Leverage our brand equity to recruit and retain
  • The dedicated team branded as client's own (virtual IDCs)
  • The team's fortunes tied to client / account fortunes

Helping "Extended Teams" deliver

  • Leverage experience and mature processes: best practices, ISO / CMMI
  • Extensive management mindshare to ensure engagement fundamentals are established
  • Completely transparent operations; strong communication channels
  • Partner with client Quality Team to own offshore process, train and retain knowledge, perform audits in regular intervals.

Maturing the team and expanding further

  • As efficient / productive as the clients' teams
  • A natural extension of clients' teams, plugged into the client's organization
  • Competitive advantage: new business lines, clear advantage over competition, direct revenue generation, all parts of the operation explored for outsourcing